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Core values of our product

Do you know which companies are your cheapest suppliers and most generous customers? Which one of your supplier provides quickest production lead-time meantime having best quality? Our software helps you to answer these puzzling questions. It provides sales & purchase analyzes, generates recaps, summary and reports. As a result, it help increase company's sales revenue, profit margin, delivery and quality not to mention increasing employee overall efficiency & manpower saving.

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CostingNet, SampleNet,

>Industrial Vertical
MerchanNet, TextileNet,

>Merchandising system
MerchanNet, ExportNet

>Quality & Sourcing
QualityNet, ExportNet

>Trading & Documents

WarehouseNet, WholesaleNet, MaterialNet

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing:

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All of our software has been upgraded with cloud computing capability. This is another important enhancement base on the user requirement and the operation need for nowadays trading environment. Trading corporation is shattered into a worldwide regional operation. Which would greatly benefit their sourcing and purchasing capability from overseas supplying countries, however a centralize database on the cloud is needed to share the vital information throughout the corporation. To respond our customer request and offer a solution to their operation, we use Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Data Center to provide web based solution for all of our database software, contact us for an online trial of this state of the art hosting services.

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Microsoft Azure Data Center - Video Demo

Hot items:

a warehouse management system for storage, logistics, inventory and distribution.

use it to create costing sheet, quotation, compare & analyze price structure.

Top selling products:

Designed for trading co., create catalogue, quotes, PI, SC, PO, invoice & full set shipping document.

a multi-user database software monitoring the merchandising procedures for all department.

Software for wholesaler, handling purchase, receiving, sales and leftover of product. 

handles purchase, sales, lab-dips, QC, warehouse and inventory for textiles trader and fabric mills.