A purchase, sales & inventory system for all wholesaler.

Wholesaler software

WholesaleNet is designed for wholesaler handling purchase, sales and distribution of merchandise. For end products, finish goods and merchandise purchasing, inventory and sales to customer. Wholesaler use it to keep track of their purchasing, inventory, selling and cost comparison...... Learn more


  • leftover report group by article no, item, brand name, description, supplier and specification.
  • closing stock, FIFO, storage breakdown, low level alert and stock taking by location.
  • expiry date alert avoid expires and waste of time limited items.
  • movement report group by item, customer, brand, supplier and recipient.
  • accommodate different size, color, weight, volume, lots and specification per item.
  • sales revenue and gross profit report group by month and by customer.
  • analysis on sales, purchase and inventory to enhance company's operating profit margin.

screenshotDeliveries - Stock out form maintain delivery record

screenshotItem Master - Master record keep track each item