A price list for different editions.

Price List


Product Description Free Edition Professional Edition
basic features open all features unlimited
MerchanNet Apparel merchandising software - 199
CostingNet Target Costing software - 59
TextileNet Textile merchandising software - 129
ExportNet Exporter software - 89
MaterialNet Material inventory software - 69
WarehouseNet Warehouse management software - 49
WholesaleNet Wholesaler software - 119
Free forever Per license

Cloud edition

If company consider upgrade to the cloud edition, we provide the upgrade and data transfer services and continue to provide daily support services. We use Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Data Centre to provide cloud solution for all of our database software, contact us for price offer & trial of this state of the art hosting services.

Source code

We also offer the source code to our customer, if your company want to own the source code for future development by your own, please let us know and we will quote a price on it. Further development by third parties programmer is welcome, we will provide necessary support on the structure of our products, documentation and coding logics.