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below is the FAQ and Error message - general information.


we recommend our user to review our YouTube channel by searching beyond the tutorial videos.

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No. 1 rule - most important

BACK UP, preform daily back up and keep the data file in a separate storage device.

Logon name & password

name: CEO password: 123Play

Difference between free & professional edition

Free Edition:Free forever with basic modules, select & insert, find, add, duplicate, edit, save, delete & convert record button all open. Professional Edition starts automatically when the product first open.

Source Code

We provide source code to our end user so that they can ask 3rd party programmer to do modificaton.....Play

Customization or Modify of modules & reports

We also provide customization and modification of our modules and reports base on users' request.

Error Message

when you see the following error message pop up, please follow below work around.

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Pictures & Graphics unable to show up in forms & reports

.jpeg .png .jpg .pict .raw .gif format pictures cannot be seen on both forms & reports after attaching because missing image converter of your MS Office. By install a SharePoint Designer with Picture Manager and carry out a customize installation to put these image converter element back to your MS Office....................... Play please download the Microsoft Installer from my site and carry out the installation as per the instructions. Must select Customize > Select Shared features > converter and filters > graphics filters as per the video demo. download

Microsoft Access closes unexpectedly

1.Please check the control panel > clock, languages, and region > change location > - Then change the current location to United States. 2. Then on the keyboards and languages > change keyboards > general > default input language > - Then add English (United States – US) keyboard to it. 3. Reboot the PC to ensure the languages and input method being changed and added to your PC.

ekc3220.dll file not found

When above error message pop up on opening the product 1. in the working folder, look for file ekc3220.dll 2. copy & paste this ekc3220.dll file to the C:\Windows\System32 folder and also copy & paste to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15 folder (MS Office working folder; Office14-Office 2010; Offce12-Office 2007; Office15-Office2013)

The command line you used to start Microsoft Office Access contains an option that..................

The command line you used to start Microsoft Office Access contains an option that Microsoft Office Access doesn't recognize. Exit and restart Microsoft Office Access using valid command...... Work Around: this is because some of the old Windows OS do not allow long folder path name, separated folder name (Share Folder should change to ShareFolder - in one word) symbols (*&^%$#@!-()/\ - please remove these from your path) It is not reconize causing invalid path in order to open the database product. So, please start over again by a fresh installation. when installer starting, change the default install location to another folder. ie. C:\ OR \\Server\ShareFolder\Database etc