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below is the FAQ and Error message - general information.


we recommend our user to review our YouTube channel by searching beyond the tutorial videos.

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No. 1 rule - most important

  • BACK UP, preform daily back up and keep the data file in a separate storage device.
  • Logon name & password

  • name: CEO password: 123
  • Difference between pro & professional edition

  • Pro Edition is the 90days free version of the Professional Edition, it is the trial period for new user to verify the product before purchase license key.
  • Professional Edition starts automatically when the product first open. It will be retreated to pro edition after 90 days or uses upon the trial period is over.
  • Source Code

  • We provide source code to our end user so that they can ask 3rd party programmer to do modificaton
  • Customization or Modify of modules & reports

  • We also provide customization and modification of our modules and reports base on users' request.
  • Error Message

    when you see the following error message pop up, please follow below work around.

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    Pictures & Graphics unable to show up in forms & reports

  • .jpeg .png .jpg .pict .raw .gif format pictures cannot be seen on both forms & reports after attaching because missing image converter of your MS Office.
  • By install a SharePoint Designer with Picture Manager and carry out a customize installation to put these image converter element back to your MS Office..... Play
  • please download the Microsoft Installer from my site and carry out the installation as per the instructions.
  • Must select Customize > Select Shared features > converter and filters > graphics filters as per the video..... download

    Microsoft Access closes unexpectedly

  • 1. Please check the control panel > clock, languages, and region > change location > - Then change the current location to United States.
  • 2. Then on the keyboards and languages > change keyboards > general > default input language > - Then add English (United States – US) keyboard to it.
  • 3. Reboot the PC to ensure the languages and input method being changed and added to your PC.
  • ekc3220.dll file not found

  • When above error message pop up on opening the product
  • 1. In the working folder, look for file ekc3220.dll
  • 2. Copy & Paste this ekc3220.dll file to the C:\Windows\System32 folder
  • 3. And also copy & paste to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15
  • Microsoft Office working folder; Office12-Office 2007; Office14-Office 2010; Office15-Office2013; Office16-Office2016

    The command line you used to start Microsoft Office Access contains an option that..................

  • The command line you used to start Microsoft Office Access contains an option that Microsoft Office Access doesn't recognize. Exit and restart Microsoft Office Access using valid command.
  • 1. This is because some of the old Windows OS do not allow long folder path name,
    2. Separated folder name (Share Folder should change to ShareFolder - in one continues word)
    3. Symbols (*&^%$#@!-()/\ - please remove these from your path) It is not reconize causing invalid path in order to open the database product.
  • Work around, please start over again by a fresh installation. when installer starting, change the default install location to another folder. ie. C:\ OR \\Server\ShareFolder\Database etc